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"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

Dorothea Lange

Welcome to Ray Cooper Images, a photography website showcasing the best of Ray Cooper's images from the world of people, places, and nature. With years of experience capturing stunning photographs, Ray Cooper is dedicated to providing visitors to his website with high-quality images that tell a story.

Many of the images featured were taken during Ray's numerous deployments as a War Crimes, Genocide and Homicide Investigator in troubled and post conflict societies throughout the world. A camera was an integral part of Ray's kit during his journeys hence the wide range of different images from Bosnian  landscapes to Hummingbirds in Trinidad and Tobago.  During his leave periods in the UK Ray took the opportunity to photograph the beautiful Heritage Coastline of Northumberland. He is currently based in County Durham, returning to the region where he was born and raised before moving to London to join the police as a young man.

Ray Cooper's portfolio has it all. Take a look around and see for yourself.


2015 awarded Associateship of the
Royal Photographic Society (ARPS)

Published and awarded images on the 1x showcase website
(Click here to view awards)


'Life along the Line' exhibition, Republic of Georgia 2013

(Click here to view the gallery)

'The Birds of Trindad and Tobago' exhibition in The Massachusetts Audubon Society,USA in 2015

Photographic Society of America Gold Medal in 2011

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